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There are many fancy additions such as Flash animations and fancy JavaScripts that can make a website look dazzling ... provided your visitor is able to see them. Web sites that are too complex potentially lose part of the available audience who either do not have the latest operating system, or the fastest computer, or a good graphics card or are on a corporate system that restricts file downloading for security reasons. Furthermore, the less complex — the more reliable. Your website exists to promote your products or services to the widest array of potential users or customers ...not merely entertain those who have the resources to enjoy the show. Keep it simple, make it informative and put the visitor in control with good navigation ... simple! Below are examples of some recent website designs. Website addresses are beside the screen shot images and will take you to the actual site. Related Article: Website Design and Construction Details — Designing a website involves more than just pictures and text! Recent website builds The Modern Feudal Serf This site launched in July 2010. The project was to design the site for mood and to be remembered by making a distinct visual impression that connected with the message. The web site focuses on current global events that are not being discussed in detail in the main stream media. The side needs to be updated remotely daily so those controls were build in. Image: Screen Shot of http://www.healthy-happy-love-relationship.com Healthy Relationships In April 2009 we gave this site a complete face lift! The website is based on a small book written in 1986. It is online as a free reading resource. The site itself has been on the internet for almost 10 years and ranks in the top levels of Google and Yahoo search engines for this sort of information For Sale by Owner This micro web site was built to enable the owner to reach a wider market than just the local MLS system as it was located in a small community. The pictures were shot to shop the suite and environment in a realistic light. Google Maps was used to show an aerial view of the location relative to marinas and parks. Also included was a small look at the local community and environment.