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The Logo design incorporates a circular symbol personally significant to the owner, and an artistic rendering of the Little Mermaid statue [Copenhagen, Denmark] which is reminiscent of the owner's Danish heritage. Due to the upscale theme of the business, black and gold were chosen as primary colours for the logo with the gold having a burnished look in the logo's circular center element. Contrasting those colours was a pale green approximating the oxidized look of classic European bronze statues, of which The Little Mermaid is one. This logo design was used extensively throughout all printed materials, and web application Related Article: Computer Screen Images vs. Printed Images knowing the difference between web page art and printed artwork. Custom Designed Badges, Patches, Pins and more... • Will represent your organization's unique identity, history, and vision of the future. • Can commemorate an anniversary, inauguration or special occasion. • Will stand out from the standard off-the-shelf designs. • Can potentially become a collectors' item. Ordering and development is a simple 3-step process: 1. We require a clear example of your organization’s logo and / or mascot 2. We will develop and finalize a design, all along working with you to ensure you get the right design. 3. When the final design is approved, we can source production for you or will be happy to send the artwork to the production company you traditionally use. Image: Logo design using the Little Mermaid for a Danish theme
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