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The famous 'Triple Julia' crop circle at Windham Hill in Great Britain makes a beautiful digital graphic rendering because of it's fractal composition. In graphics terminology, 'Fractal' is a term (coined by Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975) referring to objects built using recursion, where some aspect of the limiting object is infinite and another is finite, and where at any iteration, some piece of the object is a scaled down version of the previous iteration. Renderings from photographs are possible in a vector format only where contrast and lighting are such that all details of the image are clearly defined. Other forms of rendering a photo exist through using various plug-in filters in software packages such a PhotoShop ... however resolution and therefore enlargement capability are restricted. The advantage of a vector rendering, such as the example on this page, is that the finished image can be scaled almost limitlessly without loss of clarity. ALIEN ARTISTS? Image: Nick Nicholson ©2004 The Rendering Due to popular demand This image is now available on a 14" wall clock and mouse pad. Click for more details. Thumbnail Image: Link to Windham Crop Circle  popup image Thumbnail Image: Link to Hurricane Ivan vector digital rendering More Renderings Thumbnail Image: Link to Silbury Hill vector digital rendering Image: Digital vector rendering of Windam Hill crop circle. This crop circle exhibits the fractal beautifully! The symmetry of this crop circle (formation) would make a great logo ...or piece of art. The fractal nature of this design demonstrates how a singular shape can be arranged and iterated into an image of something far more spectacular. The digital rendering below demonstrates how surrounding and / or background imagery has the ability to enhance an image by isolating it visually, yet add to the graphic appeal at the same time. Aerial Photo of Windham Hill crop circle Fractal Fantasy from Space? This crop formation covered a thousand feet in diameter with 194 circles in spiral arms. The largest circle (center) was 47 feet in diameter. In the pattern's arms circles measured from 28' diameter (largest} to 17" diameter (median) to the smallest circles which were 9' in diameter
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