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Product packaging design is about more than just 'shelf appeal' ... it also represents an important factor in identifying the maker in a credible and professional manner. Black Star Ops and Urban Tactical Gear are distinct corporately yet intertwined at the same time. Tying the two together enables the consumer to recognize and remember both entities. This is not a 'vanity' or 'showcase' effort. It serves the consumer in that he or she is able to attach trust and credibility to two companies in the future when making other choices, even though the original purchase was under a combined banner Image: Nick Nicholson ©2004 Packaging also involves product naming. In this case 'StreetMaster' was the appropriate choice given the product line and the purpose of the products. Other products are under development and will be available soon See the StreetMaster Tactical Shirt in Operation Related Article: Computer Screen Images vs. Printed Images  know the differences between web page art and printed artwork.
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