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Oath Keepers is all about traditional honor and values that are repleat in American history. The logo - patch, therefore needed to reflect history as well as visually be in keeping with uniform patches. The project was to build the logo / patch and to add in a shoulder tab similar to the one worn by the US Army Rangers. Color versions are in the making now that the overall patch design is settled. The first design level was used on tee shirts and as a wearable patch. The first concept employed the Concorde Minuteman in the design, however the Lexington Minuteman was the final choice. Also Latin gave way to English so “Custodes Rei Publicae” was translated to “Guardians of the Republic”. Oath Keepers is centralized on 10 orders (thus the 10 in the crest) that we WILL NOT KEEP! Oath Keepers For more information OATH KEEPERS Military, Veterans, and peace officers who will honor their oaths to defend the Constitution, will NOT “just follow orders,” will stand for liberty, and will save the Republic, so help us God. Our motto is: "Not on Our Watch!" Image: Oath Keepers interim logo concept Image: Oath Keepers original logo concept For the final design of the simplified patch, two variations of the shoulder tab were considered. One in strict conformation with the Army Ranger style — the other conforming more accurately to the oval bezel. Image: Oath Keepers oval patch design in black and white Image: Oath Keepers shoulder tab variations Image: Oath Keepers logo / patch designs applied to tee shirt. Image: Oath Keepers logo / patch designs applied as a tattoo Shoulder tab variation 1 Above is the standard base logo / patch design. To the right (top) is the artwork applied to a tee shirt. To the right (below) is the tab and logo together — applied to a very committed DHS Officer as a tattoo on his shoulder ! As a whole, this project moved along through its stages with great input from the association’s membership ...  more about that HERE and HERE. Shoulder tab variation 2 Extended Logo Uses The line art nature of this logo lends itself easily to other uses such as challenge coins and jewelry items. Below is an example of this in the form of a conceptual (at this point) Oath Keepers signet ring for members of the association. As with challenge coins, signet rings are a subtle but visible form of membership and allegiance. Image: Signet ring design line art Image: Signet ring design rendered as model of finished jewelry. Signet ring line art. Signet ring rendered to model the finished jewelry. Oath Keepers For more information What are Oath Keepers So Passionate About? Upholding the Constitution of the united States of America.
Uniform Patches and Ball Caps Image: Oath Keepers Logo Patch for uniform Image: Ball cap wtht Oath Keepers Logo embroidered
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