About  :: Mission :: Privacy :: Contact  ::  Sitemap Logo Insignia, Patch, Badge and Crest Design Samples Logo and Crest Design Samples — A Unique Visual Identity — A Custom Designed Identity — Logo and crest designs for corporate ID purposes are one of the more enjoyable challenges in the graphic design field because the mix between visual appeal and identification must be unique as well as informative, and that creates an exciting artistic and creative challenge. This process is often called "branding", "brand identity" or "brand association". Police, fire service, military and civil service crests & logos add yet another dimension to the design process in that they must inspire as well. The designer must also consider in this process the impression given to the general public, taking carefully into account all possible reactions to a particular design. Designing a logo or crest should always be regarded as a careful task. Once "presented to the world" it should not be changed unless it's to update an established logo or crest to reflect changing times or some form of significant structural change within the organization. The winged emblem of the United States Air Force is a good example of this as it evolved from a rounded look to something more 'space age'
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Reference Pages for this article: Simple Logo Design  •  Complex Logo Design • Logo and Crest Design Portfolio Image: US Air Force patches Logo, Badge and Crest Sample Designs Click the link below any image for enlargement and design details or view the new logo and crest mini gallery. Image: Logo Design - Police - RCMP Tactical Unit Patch Image: Logo Design - Police Eagle Top Badge Image: Logo Design - Child's face and magic wand Image: Logo Design - beautiful Asian eyes Image: Logo Design - Quill Pens, book and Acorn Image: Logo Design - Military - Knight charging on shield Image: Logo Design - Black Star and red reticle Image: Logo Design - Black Star on stylized twin towers Image: Logo Design - Two-Headed Eagle Image: Logo Design - Little Mermaid on Gold Icon Image: Logo Design - Ship's Anchor, Signal flags and Pacific Dolphins Image: Logo Design - Roman Centurion Profile on Patch Image: Logo Design - White Rock BC Mayfair Image: Logo Design - Viking Boat at Sea Image: Logo Design - Viking Face Icon Image: Logo Design - Woman and Provincial Crest Image: Logo Design - Wolf Howls at Moon Image: Logo Design - Genie and Turbine Blades Image: Logo Design - US Flag banner Image: Logo Design - Torch Bearing Woman on Symbol Image: Logo Design - Chinese New Year Rooster 2005 Image: Logo Design - Chinese New Year Monkey 2004 Image: Logo Design - Chinese New Year Goat 2003 Image: Logo Design - Chinese New Year Horse 2002 Image: Logo Design - Chinese New Year Dog 2006 Image: Logo Design - Chinese New Year Pig 2007 Police Unit Crest Royal Canadian Mounted Police Police Badge Lake Havasu AZ Police Dept. Charity Event Logo Children's Wish Foundation Radio Host Logo Jennifer Mather Private School Crest  Vendanta Academy Military Operation Crest Operation Iraqi Freedom Company Logo Black Star Ops Product Line Logo Urban Tactical Gear Image: Logo Design - Oath Keepers - Lexington Minuteman Image: Logo Design - Military - Search & Rescue - Iraq Image: Logo Design - Gryphon and Viking Boat Image: Logo Design - Movie Stunt Driver Image: Logo Design - Military - Soldier Support Patriotic Crest Watching Over America Small Business Logo Eclectic Embellishments Leisure Boat Crest The “Hot Toddy” Corporate Logo & Crest Income Property Group Military Unit Patch  Fictitious Military Unit City Event Logo  Mayfair Annual Fair Public Service Crest Search & Rescue Unit Patch Public Company Logo Gold  Mining Company Professional Logo Accord Dispute Resolution Ser. Non Profit Group Logo Wolf's Run Ranch Product Logo Design Air Genie Technology Manufacturer Logo Trenchless America Personal Coach Logo  IRIS Life Management Services Association Crest Oath Keepers Military Unit Patch SAR Baghdad Family Business Logo Gryphon SAMS Fire Suit Patch & Logo Movie Stunt Driver Military Support Logo Operation Soldier Assist Year of the Dog 2006 Asian New Year Year of the Boar 2007 Asian New Year Year of the Rooster 2005 Asian New Year Year of the Monkey 2004 Asian New Year Year of the Goat 2003 Asian New Year Year of the Horse 2002 Asian New Year Image: Logo Design - Heraldic Shield Lions and Knight's Helmet
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