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Technical Illustration artwork  is often far more effective than photographs because an illustration places the important details before the viewer's eyes with no background or surrounding distractions. Illustrations can be conceptual based upon descriptions, or drawn representations based on photographs. AutoCAD files can be converted and upgraded to more eye- pleasing representations. Visual models are often a highly effective method of describing new or prototype products. Note: Tactical Graphic Design can provide reasonable quotes to convert most Auto CADD drawings to 2D vector illustrations that are scalable to any size required. Image: Nick Nicholson ©2004 Related Article: Computer Screen Images vs. Printed Images  know the differences between web page art and printed artwork.
Samples of Illustration Artwork Image: Vector illustration of marine stern tube seal Image: Vector illustration of hydraulic cylinders Hydraulic cylinder rack illustration Original diagram from notes to illustrate hydraulic cylinder teaming. This configuration illustrates a machine that pulls pipe underground for pipeline rehabilitation. The configuration show generates 480,000 lbs of pulling pressure. Marine stern tube seal illustration Fully vectored translation of manufacturer-supplied images. This image began as a bitmap drawing that was too small for the intended use. Therefore it needed to be vectorized to make it scalable to a final dimension of 4 feet wide to accommodate display requirements for trade show purposes. Home Design illustration This drawing was created to illustrate construction possibilities using cast 6’ concrete blocks instead of wood. This image was needed in vector format so that equal clarity was possible in small brochure-based display as well as banner size for presentations and display booth applications. Image: Vector illustration of home design concept Image: Vector illustration of impeller working Impeller action illustration Concept drawing for discussion purposes  during R&D phase. Transparency of certain image components was required to give the viewer a more accurate idea of how the finished product was configured. Image: Vector illustration of luxury home design Illustration of a luxury home The illustration was produced for a company offering a new product of pre-fabricated building components. The drawing was meant to be conceptual in nature to convey a range of possibilities rather than to illustrate and actual floor plan. Illustration of a Machine Component The illustration was produced for use in a fabricating and assembly shop. The final image also contained dimensional data and matrial specifications. The illustration indicated where weld beads were to be placed and we inserted a sub- drawing to illustrate to machinists how the device was to function. Image: Vector illustration of prototyped machine tool Illustration of a Machine The illustration was produced to realistically demonstrate a prototype of a specialized tool. Working from actual plans and dimensions, as well as measuring individual components, the illustration seeks to be as life-like as possible. This process can also be accomplished by importing 3D CADD drawings, removing the excess lines, joining the required shapes and then adding textures and details.
Related Article: Computer Screen Images vs. Printed Images  know the differences between web page art and printed artwork. Illustration of a Nikon DSLR Camera This illustration was created for a professional photographer who uses this particular camera model, and wanted to use it as an inclusion in an eBook she was writing. This illustration again illustrates the clean realism that vector art programs can generate.
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