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Graphic Design Technical Articles and Tutorials — Free Website Content — — Related Pages —  Logos & Crests  Technical & Creative Writing  Web Site Design  Illustration  Renderings  Public Relations  Advertising  TGD Services  Fee Schedule & Conditions  Download Graphic Apps  Download Utility Apps   Clip Art  Site Map  Mission Statement Confidentiality Statement  Contact  Links  Tactical Equipment  Privacy Policy  About  Partner Sites  Paul Jacobsen Resume Brief  Contents of this web site are Copyright © 1993 - 2009 Paul Jacobsen©™ [TGD] unless otherwise noted. Graphics produced with Xara Xtreme Pro 4. Tactical Graphic Design - Visual Communication Specialties - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
The technical articles on this page marked with an asterisk "*" are original content relative to graphic design, advertising, public relations and/or marketing in general. Webmasters with related-content websites may use these articles as free content material on their own sites provided proper credit is given to Tactical Graphic Design and Paul Jacobsen along with a link from your page back to the article's native page on this website. Furthermore, the use of any or all of these technical articles is allowed only if the article is used in its entirety and unchanged in any manner. If you would like to submit original, relevant articles for inclusion on this site, please email the material for consideration along with author information, statement of copyright ownership and the URL of the article on your website so that we may link back to you. • Tactical Graphic Design Articles • Note: Articles will launch in a new browser window. Logo Design and Company Branding - The Illogical Truth Read the Article * Screen vs. Print Images - 96dpi vs. 300+ dpi resolution Read the Article * Web Site Design Details - How we design your website Read the Article * Software Review - Xara X - The amazing vector/bitmap combination Read the Article  * File Type Variations for Print & Web - The different formats used Read the Article * Advertising vs. Public Relations - They are different Read the Article * Youth Drug & Alcohol Addiction - Copy of speech Read the Article * Rendering with Xara X Vector Software - Brief Overview Read the Article * Vector Art Tutorial - Brief explanation & compared to bitmaps Read the Article * Working with Creative Talent - The secret creative world! Read the Article * Collaborative Logo Design - Working closely with the client. Read the Article * First Impressions Reduce Exit Clicks - Visually appealing websites Read the Article * Psychology of Color in Logo Designs - Why colors are important Read the Article * •  Motivational Articles by Brian Tracy • Getting Your Ideas Across - Personal Success Read the Article Guide For Creative Thinking - Personal Success Read the Article Unlocking Your Creativity - Personal Success Read the Article Exercising Your Influence - Personal Success Read the Article • How-To Articles From Adobe • How to Create a PDF File - Technical Information Read the Article Preparing Hi-Res PDF Files - Technical Information Read the Article Preparing PDF Presentations - Technical Information Read the Article
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