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Graphic Design with, Creative & Speech Writing, Web Site Design & Public Relations Consulting — Related Pages —  Logos & Crests  Technical & Creative Writing  Web Site Design  Illustration  Renderings  Public Relations  Advertising  TGD Services  Fee Schedule & Conditions  Download Graphic Apps  Download Utility Apps   Clip Art  Site Map  Mission Statement Confidentiality Statement  Contact  Links  Tactical Equipment  Privacy Policy  About  Partner Sites  Paul Jacobsen Resume Brief  Contents of this web site are Copyright © 1993 - 2009 Paul Jacobsen©™ [TGD] unless otherwise noted. Graphics produced with Xara Xtreme Pro 4. Tactical Graphic Design - Visual Communication Specialties - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Tactical Graphic Design provides a wide range of professional graphic design and writing services aimed to provide everything from a ' leap in - leap out' fix, to comprehensive identity packages that merge corporate identity with web, print and public relations tasks. Graphic Design & Illustration Work • Original Logos & Crests • Technical Illustration • Web Graphics • • Brochures & Posters • Corporate Identity Packages • Good graphic design is important because you have three to five seconds to capture your visitor's attention and curiosity, and thereby keeping them on your page(s) to read your copy. An exit from your page, printed or online, is a finger flip away on a page corner or mouse button. The first 'information' a viewer internalizes about your offering is visual and therefore your visuals must make a strong, immediate statement. Remember, you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression! Tactical Graphic Design will provide you with crisp, imaginative and informative visuals that ensure you stand out and demand their attention. From a professionally designed logo and developing a corporate ID to illustrations and photo-work, your image will immediately distinguish you. Logos & Crests - Design Samples Sample Illustrations Drawing Copy Writing Services • Creative • Technical • Publicity & Advertorial • Scientific & Engineering • Speeches • Political Papers • Ghost Writing • Copy Writing and Editing • From slogans to speeches and everything in between, effective copy writing must do two things. It must inform directly and impress indirectly. This is accomplished where the use of words is accurate to the subject matter, and competent in its composition. The dual messages, one obvious and one subliminal, are that the offering is credible (the obvious) and the person or organization behind the offering is credible (the subliminal.) Often this is best accomplished with the simplicity and economy of words as opposed to the reverse. For instance, a public company is looking for investment in a highly sophisticated item. Engineering documents and reports are impressive ...to other engineers. However, the average person looking to invest a portion of his or her income is more likely to be confused than impressed. Therefore it becomes necessary to blend the technical merits, in simplified language, with the logical benefits of financial participation through investment. In this way the non-engineer's decision process is shortened because he or she is able to comprehend the merits of the design as well as the usefulness (and therefore potential!) of the item in question. Public Relations Speech Sample Self-Help Booklet - Healthy Relationships Professional Web Site Design • Full Web Site Design and Construction • Web Site Re-Design • • Web Site Management and Updates • The web is here to stay... period. Despite claims by some web developers, an internet presence is not "essential" to every business or endeavor. Nor can it supplant the traditional means of promotion and advertising. The web is effective when your market or audience potential extends beyond local exposure, and when used in conjunction with your print and even television efforts. Local concerns can augment with a website so long as it does not dominate the promotional budget. The first issue that must be addressed is 'if' the web is appropriate for your endeavor. That being determined, the next step is development of an informative and credible website. The final step is the research and optimization phase wherein the 'behind- the-scenes components of the site are fine-tuned to appeal to search engines which are at the very heart of success on the internet. Simply submitting a website to an engine, or paying an organization to submit it for you, to one or four hundred engines, is simply not adequate and will ultimately disappoint. Ask yourself this... What good is it to have a fabulous website submitted to hundreds of engines if that site resides on page 20, or 50 or 200 of search returns? The answer is 'none" ...the fact is that very rarely does anyone get past the first few pages of returns before either finding something they can use, or refining their search and going elsewhere. Web Site Design Policy Note: Tactical Communications maintains a general policy to keep web site design as simple as possible. Many web users still access the web on dial up connections and with older and/or less sophisticated computers. In order to not alienate these individuals from full appreciation of a web site's content, we avoid complex scripting such as Java and Flash where ever possible, preferring descriptive graphics / illustrations and informative content. We believe that access to the content of your web site should not be dependent upon technical capabilities ...just curiosity and need. Web Site Design Samples Public Relations Consulting • Corporate Image • Trouble Shooting • Public Speaking • • PR Campaign Consulting • TSR / CSR Scripting • Image, structure and effectiveness... key concerns where your public presence is concerned. The public relations consulting process examines what is 'out there' for viewing, its consistency and the consistency of internal documents, variations of public perception of what is seen and why, and what steps can be taken to spruce up, focus and present your offering in the most effective (and therefore cost- effective) manner. All aspects are considered from facsimile stationery, to logo and font consistency, to color consistency and promotional methods. From there a plan can be presented. Test Advertising Effectiveness for Yourself! Here is an advertising test you can do for yourself. It's called the "www test'. Simply spend one hour searching a variety of topics with a search engine. Look at sites that are in the first ten returns, then look at sites on page 20 or 50 or beyond and assess for yourself the impressions that are made on you and why. A second test you can do is to begin collecting printed advertising material from newspaper inserts, to rack materials in various establishments you visit randomly or regularly. Once you have small collection of advertisements, lay it all out on a large surface and let your eyes roam. You will discover quickly the difference between well designed (effective) advertisements and those that have been cobbled together where the concern was more to economy that quality. The final step is to ask yourself the following question; "What impression would I prefer for my efforts?"
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