About  :: Mission :: Privacy :: Contact  ::  Sitemap Crop Circle Rendering - How the drawing was created Crop Circle Rendering - How the drawing was created — The Process of Rendering the Silbury Hill Crop Circle Image — — Related Pages —  Logos & Crests  Technical & Creative Writing  Web Site Design  Illustration  Renderings  Public Relations  Advertising  TGD Services  Fee Schedule & Conditions  Download Graphic Apps  Download Utility Apps   Clip Art  Site Map  Mission Statement Confidentiality Statement  Contact  Links  Tactical Equipment  Privacy Policy  About  Partner Sites  Paul Jacobsen Resume Brief  Contents of this web site are Copyright © 1993 - 2009 Paul Jacobsen©™ [TGD] unless otherwise noted. Graphics produced with Xara Xtreme Pro 4. Tactical Graphic Design - Visual Communication Specialties - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Crest and logo concepts must be designed to be  visually unique in order to 'stand out from the crowd'. They must also be germane to the organization they represent such as these RCMP crest design concepts. Logo, crest and emblem designs & concepts will ideally contain additional, deeper meaning or information wherever possible. The example crests illustrate this point. It's title is "Watching Over America", and we will illustrate how the obvious and the subtle convey this message. Image: Nick Nicholson ©2004 Related Articles:  Computer Screen Images vs. Printed Images  know the differences between web page art and printed artwork. Vector Graphics Demonstration — how vector graphic design produces such clean artwork.
Image: Vector illustration demonstartion tutorial of crop circle The Blue, green and red lines are guides which were eventually used to 'slice'  the basic shapes into the correct segments to assemble the final image The digital rendering process for this crop circle rendering was created in Xara, a vector software package which means it is comprised of mathematically defined geometric lines and shapes that can be filled and textured in any number of ways. An example of this process is below. Vector software is essentially like drafting in AutoCAD rather than painting or drawing in PhotoShop and other 'bitmap' image applications. Bitmap applications and vector applications both create images but in very different ways.   The Aztec / Mayan glyphs in the bezel rings repeated four times and with vector software it was possible to create one pattern-group, then replicate and rotate it 90° into place in the outer rings. The wing patterns (reminiscent of those representing the Egyptian God Ra)  followed the same procedure except that repeating, smaller ellipses were requires to form the layers of the wings. Those sections then had to be sliced into their smaller segments. (See example outside of the bezel.) After one pattern was created a duplicate was rotated 180° to form the opposing pattern. The element groups of the wings then had to be ungrouped in order to place the segments in the proper front / back placement to create the proper overlap / layering. The final stage was simply selecting each individual shape and line and applying the appropriate 3D effect to form the final image. A Thought About Crop Circle Creation As a professional, the challenges were poignant to me in considering the possible process of physically creating such a pattern in the crops! What struck me was the thought and experimentation required to get the layout and positioning correct, followed by the process of deciding which segments needed to be removed in order to get the relief to look right. Furthermore, I considered that I was doing this from a bird's eye view and that any errors, minor or otherwise, were correctable and not evident in the final image. As all this sunk in, I tried to visualize how a group of pranksters could possibly create such an image in the dark, unseen, at ground level, with such precision, with no errors (since their errors would not be correctable as mine were) and without leaving 'collateral evidence' such as footprints!   Over the years, as open minded as I am and therefore accepting the possibility of these patterns being created by 'alien means', I found myself, through this process, absolutely unable to doubt that these patterns could never have been created by human means ... no matter how clever those humans might be! See Full Vector Drawn Renderings Thumbnail Image: Link to Windham Crop Circle  digital vector rendering Thumbnail Image: Link to Silbury Hill vector digital rendering Thumbnail Image: Link to Hurricane Ivan vector digital rendering
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