About  :: Mission :: Privacy :: Contact  ::  Sitemap Clip Art for Web and Print - Free Computer Graphics Download Clip Art Downloads for Web and Print — Related Pages —  Logos & Crests  Technical & Creative Writing  Web Site Design  Illustration  Renderings  Public Relations  Advertising  TGD Services  Fee Schedule & Conditions  Download Graphic Apps  Download Utility Apps   Clip Art  Site Map  Mission Statement Confidentiality Statement  Contact  Links  Tactical Equipment  Privacy Policy  About  Partner Sites  Paul Jacobsen Resume Brief  Contents of this web site are Copyright © 1993 - 2009 Paul Jacobsen©™ [TGD] unless otherwise noted. Graphics produced with Xara Xtreme Pro 4. Tactical Graphic Design - Visual Communication Specialties - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Due to the number of inquiries for free clip art items by individuals building web pages and in-house documents, we are happy to provide a small selection of useable items for free download. Rescaled images at print resolution can be provided at a small fee if necessary. The clip art images provided free are at 96 dots per inch resolution which is compatible with computer monitors. Printing these images will work but don't expect the sharp lines and fills you see on the screen. [Screen vs Print Images Resolution] Clip art can be fun and informative, but the rule of thumb with all page layout is to use the least possible ... as they say, "Too much of a good thing...." The images provided on these pages are bitmap representations created from vector art originals. The image sizes have been set to accommodate the widest possible range of applications. Vector art is scalable without loss of crispness or clarity. This is not so with bitmap images which will degrade significantly in quality if stretched up in size. Therefore if your requirements are for a larger version, we can provide that enlarging service for a nominal fee and on short notice. "Clip art is a great way to illustrate basic ideas, however if many organizations use the same clipart images it can look rather 'cookie cutter' to viewers. If you have special needs for logos, promotional products, corporate or product branding, or illustration of something unique, Tactical Graphic Design provides a wide range of artistic services. Please visit the pages below for samples of custom artwork." Logo And Crest Design   Mechanical or Architectural Illustration   Artistic Digital Rendering (CADD conversions to 2D Illustrations also available) Chinese I Ching Hexagrams   All 64 hexagrams, numbered and with descriptions. Each hexagram is a combination of two trigrams. Christmas Clip Art   Santa Claus, Rudolf, Bells, Candles, Christmas trees and more for your Christmas messages and more. List and Emphasis Bullets Clip Art Bullets are used for lists or to visually identify information segments. Horizontal Bars and Separators Horizontal bars or lines, sometimes referred to as 'separators' or “rules, can visually divide major sections of information. General Icons These general use icons are primarily used to decorate and / or symbolize your page. eMail Icons Email icons are the obvious and easy way to allow page visitors to just click and send. Web Page Backgrounds Clip Art Backgrounds on your web pages provide a certain ' visual flavor. (Custom backgrounds can be created on special order.) Human and Animal Clip Art Characters The characters can be illustrative of a theme or can be something to convey a mood or attitude. Humorous Images Humorous clip art images provide a means to both get attention and make a page memorable to your visitor. Police & Law Enforcement Clip Art Police and law enforcement clip art that can be used for education projects at school or for community service oriented projects. Fire Service and Rescue Clip Art Fire Departments and the Firefighters who work in them are heroes to everyone. The firefighter clip art here should help you tell the story of your own local heroes! Valentines Day & Love Clip Art A clip art selection of hearts and cupids and a few other things to decorate your pages and messages to that special one! Saint Patrick's Day Clip Art A small clip art collection of Irish Leprechauns, pots of gold shamrocks, beer & toad stools for you to download and have some fun with. Mythology and History Clip Art  Mythology and History are full of symbolisms, creatures and people that capture our imaginations for one reason or another. Military Clip Art - Air Force Combat Aircraft The Air Force clip art selection here includes diagrams of fighter jets and bombers, a Huey helicopter, a couple cruise missiles and even a carrier crew attending a jet on deck.
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