Software review of Xara X Vector Graphic Software
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Software review of Xara X Vector Graphic Software
by Paul Jacobsen

Xara Vector Graphics Software

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When Xara was first released in the early 1990's I had been a dedicated user of another vector graphics package for some years and gave no thought to changing software.

However, during a conversation with the Canadian Marketing Manager representing
Xara, I was told that I really should look at the newly released Xara ...because it was 'great for professionals like me and also for amateurs.' (Needless to say I could not really visualize how that was possible!)

After seeing Xara demonstrated later in the day, I was impressed ...very, very impressed and I said so to the Product's Marketing Manager. A few weeks later, just in time for Christmas, a box arrived at my home ...a gift from him containing a newly minted copy of Xara 1.0 among other things!

Needless to say I was grateful, and also very excited at try all the unique features I had seen demonstrated! However, as far as I was concerned the small Xara program (under 10MB) could not possibly replace my 80Mb mainstream package ...but it would make a great companion program for it ...I thought.

I decided to give Xara a try on a project I'd been commissioned to do ...a crest for a division of our federal government. I was amazed at the speed of Xara and how it's small size dramatically improved the performance of my 486 computer (it was the early 90's ...remember?)

The project went so smoothly even though I was in the midst of a learning curve with Xara, and it became very evident to me  what had been meant by the program being great for professionals and amateurs alike I could visualize what had previously been a complete dichotomy!

One of the very first things I noticed, and very much appreciated about Xara, was it's incredible on-screen anti-aliasing! I could truly see what the printed result would look like. Then I began to also appreciate it's ability to handle bitmap/vector combinations and blend them together into seamless images in record time, with minimal effort ...leaving me more time and energy to devote to the creative side of my projects! The bottom line was, and remains, that I was creating more innovative materials in far less time and that is just one more bonus of this remarkable product. I have found that Xara is a wonderful tool for doing technical drawings, illustrations and animations and there are numerous examples throughout this website. [ logo samples  illustration samples  crop circle rendering ]

Xara's user-friendliness goes beyond the software. Over the years and throughout the upgrades, I have had occasion to make inquiries of Xara's makers with various needs, requests and questions. The quick and personal service was astounding by comparison to so many other companies or otherwise.

To say I'm impressed understates it. The footnote to this relates back to an earlier paragraph where I told you that I planned to make Xara a companion to my big mainstream program ...the way it actually turned out is that the big boy succumbed and became Xara's companion ...but only for a short while before it was retired to my library permanently. Since then I have used Xara for all my print and web projects, technical drawings and animations doesn't need a companion!


Now Xara X1 is out ... this software just keeps getting better and better! If I had five thumbs, I'd give Xara a "five thumbs up" ... however I only have two ...but they are both up for this amazing software!


Paul Jacobsen


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Software review of Xara X Vector Graphic Software