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Advertising, Promotional and Packaging Design covers many distinct as well as over-lapping areas such as Internet Promotions, Brochures, Posters, CD Album Covers, Display Advertising, Product Labeling and more. There are any number of advertising and promotional methods to present products or services to potential customers. Using, wherever possible, subtle elements tied to the product or services' history or background can add depth to the overall appeal of the design. Its a unique personal touch that often makes it much easier to develop a piece even when the subject does not lend itself easily to creative variation.   Generally speaking, a thorough interview with the client will gather many unique facts ... any one of which can make the difference between a 'vanilla' result and a 'chocolate sundae! CD Album Cover Design First solo album for Kendra Jo Malone! (San Francisco, CA) Kendra dedicated this album to her step-mother, Anna Helene, who nurtured and inspired her to move beyond the disappointment and pain of a broken marriage, to a very successful musical career ... with talent Kendra knew nothing of at the time. The Gypsy word "Kochalismy" means "We Loved" and was chosen appropriately by Kendra in honor of Anna Helene's Gypsy roots, Gypsy insights and loving nurturance along the way. Footnote: The Steinway piano in the foreground was last played on Broadway ... in the late 1920's ...until Kendra purchased it in 2000 and brought it back to life in producing Kochalismy Product Introduction Poster Design ( Multiple Sizes ) Image: Retail product introduction poster design A retail clothier, after renovating her premises, expanded inventory diversity to include a high-end cosmetic line. The poster was originally intended as a product launch item for street-level window displays. The 'ballerina' imagery was chosen as a subtle cameo and compliment to the the owner's past as a professional ballerina Charity Event Poster & Ticket Design Image: Charity event poster design Image: CD DVD cover design The client requested an event poster and ticket design for the Children's Wish Foundation to feature an evening fund raiser. A special logo was requested for the event itself. "The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada is dedicated to working with the community to provide children with high- risk, life threatening illnesses the opportunity to realize their most heartfelt wish." Image: 11 x 17 brochure / catalogue design Industrial Catalog / Brochure ( 11 x 17 ) The client asked for a "dramatic" showcase for a line of mechanical seals, on glossy card stock for worldwide distribution. The project was also to create a visual appeal that was not similar to a usual “industrial” catalog. Each item was extracted from product photographs. vectorized and then placed on a new background using semi transparent layers. The effect worked well. Community Policing Identity Design Image: Public relations ad design Off-shoot project. The new patch design by TGD was incorporated into a logo design for the Citizen Police Academy and then combined into an awareness advertisement.  The basis of the patch design was recreating the city seal from old original drawings. See the project Promotional Card for Stunt Driver Image: Promotional card design This project began with a simple logo design for use as a patch on the driver’s fire suit. This is a promotional card for use on the web and in print using the basic line drawings of the logo and adding details that could not be reproduced in embroidery for the patch. The car was a direct vector hand trace from a photograph. See the project Image: Charity event ticket design
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