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Tactical Graphic Design is a compact operation providing a full range of communications services from basic graphic design to more extensive media / public relations services. As most services are under one roof, turn-around time, and response time to last minute requirements or changes, is minimized. We believe the market and circumstances change far too quickly to rely heavily on out-sourcing to achieve timely results. Our experience ranges from public service, to private and public companies and small entrepreneurial operations in North America and beyond ...providing a well- rounded 'take' on more global marketing and communications requirements. Our focus is on quality, and uniqueness of work. We therefore do not engage in a high-volume "cookie cutter" business model. Our goal is to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with all our clients. On occasion we are happy to provide pro-bono services outside of hard costs to charitable and service organizations that are identifiable and mainstream, and who serve a defined and substantial benefit to the end-recipient. • Logo, crest, insignia and patch designs • Technical Illustrations • Conceptual Illustrations • Bitmap to Vector Recreations • Logo and ID Updates and Restorations • Writing Services • Web Graphics ... and more • Graphic Design • Illustration • Artistic Renderings • Web Site Design • • Public Relations • Writing •
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